Clubs !

1. Quiz Club (James Bond Club): - Our quiz club prepares the students to excel the students in answering every kind of conceptual and miscellaneous questions. Regular quiz competitions reduce the phobia of competitive exams that they have to face ahead.

2. Science Club: - This club focuses on scientific and technological based knowledge enhancement in students. Under this club we have:-
i) Aristotle’s Zone (Based on biological studies)
ii) Einstein’s Zone (Based on Physics)
iii) Rutherford’s Zone (Based on Chemistry)
Students make models, perform experiments and participate in science exhibitions.

3. Cultural Club (Rhythm Club): - This club helps the students to co-operate with cultural activities. Baisakhi, Teej, Christmas etc are celebrated through student’s participation.

4. Reader’s Club (Tagore Club): - Aim of this club is to improve reading and writing skills of the students in all three languages. Weekly reading and writing tests are conducted. Moreover, ASL helps in making students good at verbal communication.

5. English Club (Shakespeare Club): - This club enriches the students with high level of linguistic skills in English. English reading, writing, listening and speaking remains no more a challenge for them.

6. Art and Craft Club: - Hidden artists and unexplored creativity of students gets exposed once they are triggered well. This is what is done by our art club.

7. Sports Club (Milkha Club): - Apart from students, we have sports club to boost our kids to be potential athletes and players of future. They can select games of their choice and excel in sports too.

8. Nature’s Club:- We teach our students to be friendly and kind towards nature. Students are taught how to nurture flora and fauna with love and affection. Eg. Plantation, pet care guidance etc kind of activities are performed.

9. Health and fitness Club: - Both mental and physical health is being focused at by this club. Yoga, exercise, re-creational activities, mind games etc are part of it. Ht and wt of students is measured periodically, physical checkup, dental checkup, health care guidance etc are included under this club.

10. Personality development Club: - We create both hard and smart workers. Public speaking skills, etiquettes, moral values, social and life skills etc are nurtured well in all the students.

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