About School!

The total covered area of the school building complexes at Adampal road 2 acres. There are three multistoried blocks, one for primary, one for middle and one for secondary and senior secondary department with spacious classrooms, well equipped laboratories, computer room, meal planning lab, electronic lab, audio-visual room, workshops, library, language lab and rooms for creative activities such as art planning music, dance etc.


• Intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and aesthetic development of the students is fostered to enhance their quality of life.
• Student’s achievement is acknowledged and celebrated within the schools and the community.
• Students are being prepared for active, independent learning in an environment which generates a spirit of enquiry and keen competition.
• Students are encouraged to contribute to decisions about their own future through school appointment and school organizations, career guidance and counseling service that help them crystallize their goals.
• There is a high value co-operation and support between the parents and the school.

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